Dr. Jerry A. Shields Macula Society Past President to receive AAO's highest honor

Congratulations to Dr. Jerry A. Shields, Director of the Wills Eye Oncology Service and Professor of Ophthalmology at Thomas Jefferson University, who will be receiving The American Academy of Ophthalmology's most prestigious honor - The Laureate Award. Dr. Shields is this year's recipient for his exceptional contributions to the betterment of eye care and his lifetime body of investigative contributions, scientific and professional leadership. Dr. Jerry Shields will be formally recognized as the recipient of The Laureate Award during the AAO Opening Session on Sunday, October 19 at the Convention Center. Dr. Carol Shields will present the not-to-miss introduction.

It is a great honor to receive the Laureate Award. I certainly didn't expect it - but feel humbled by being selected this year. I owe a lot to the wonderful people who made it possible - from Dr. Carol Shields, to the members and staff of the Wills Eye Oncology Service to the outstanding physicians and leadership of Wills Eye Hospital to all the former residents and fellows who have trained at Wills through the years. Ophthalmology to me is the most exciting specialty in all of medicine. It's been a sheer pleasure to have developed and cultivated the Oncology Service at Wills where we could help so many people around the world with eye cancers and related conditions. It's been - and still is - tremendously gratifying every day.

Dr. Jerry Shields will also be receiving the Charles L. Schepens, MD, Award and presenting the named lecture on retina subspecialty day. Dr. Shields will be presenting "Management of Posterior Uveal Melanoma: Past, Present and Future." The Schepens Award recognizes a vision scientist who has contributed new knowledge of the visual process of vitreoretinal diseases and has made special contributions to prevent and decrease blindness.

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