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Save The Date2018 Annual Meeting, The Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, California, Feb 21-24

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Annual Meeting Archive

2017 Singapore
2016 Miami, Florida
2015 Scottsdale, Arizona
2014 Key Largo, Florida
2013 Dana Point, California
2012 Jerusalem, Israel
2011 Boca Raton, Florida
2010 Tucson, Arizona
2009 Retina Congress in New York
2008 Palm Beach, Florida
2007 London, United Kingdom
2006 North San Diego, California
2005 Key Biscayne, Florida
2004 Las Vegas, Nevada
2003 Naples, Florida
2002 Barcelona, Spain
2001 Scottsdale, Arizona
2000 Westin Rio Mar Beach Resort, Puerto Rico
1999 San Diego, California
1998 Boca Raton, Florida
1997 Florence, Italy
1996 Tucson, Arizona
1995 Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
1994 Rancho Mirage, California
1993 Naples, Florida
1992 Scottsdale, Arizona
1991 Orlando, Florida
1990 Maui, Hawaii
1989 Boston, Mass-combined with Retina Society
1988 Tucson, Arizona
1987 Cannes, France
1986 Boca Raton, Florida
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James C. Folk, MD

H. Richard McDonald, MD

Joan W. Miller, MD

Carol L. Shields, MD

Executive Secretary
Lawrence J.  Singerman, MD

Established 1977
Lawrence Singerman - Founder

Committee Chairs

M. Gilbert Grand, MD

By-Laws Chair
Ivana Kim, MD

Glenn J. Jaffe, MD

Meeting Planning
Peter K. Kaiser, MD

Jennifer I. Lim, MD

Srini Vas Sadda, MD

Research & Education
Richard F. Spaide, MD

Cynthia Toth, MD

AAO Representative
Michael J. Elman, MD

International Representative
Gabriel J. Coscas, MD

Young Member
R.V. Paul Chan, MD

Past Presidents

Arnall Patz, MD
J. Donald M. Gass, MD
Morton F. Goldberg, MD
Robert C. Watzke, MD
Stephen J. Ryan, MD
John G. Clarkson, MD
David H. Orth, MD
Alexander J. Brucker, MD
Lee M. Jampol, MD
Thomas M. Aaberg, MD
Travis A. Meredith, MD
Kurt A. Gitter, MD
William F. Mieler, MD
Daniel Finkelstein, MD
Lawrence A. Yannuzzi, MD
Evangelos S. Gragoudas, MD
Jerry A. Shields, MD
Michael L. Klein, MD
Emily Y. Chew, MD
Mark S. Blumenkranz, MD
Neil M. Bressler, MD
Paul Sternberg, Jr., MD
Gil Grand, MD

Andrew P. Schachat, MD

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